Utilizing Floatation Therapy.

You just lie back in pool of warm water...and Float!
Functional Fitness Studio
Our New Functional Fitness Studio has opened in Renmark, 130 Fifteenth Street. We use Shapemaster Power-assisted equipment giving Everybody the opportunity to get active no matter what their limitations or circumstance may be. You'll Increase your Strength and Stamina and Improve your Balance and Flexibility!! And have "Fun" in doing so. We're Open 7 Days, Mon- Fri 8am- 7pm and Sat/Sun 8am-12pm. Casual visits are $10 and Memberships are $16-50 a week (Regular) and $12-50 a week (concession). We also offer a "FREE TRIAL" session to test it out for yourself before joining. So what have you got to lose?
The Vibrosaun has arrived offering the combination of both Massage & Sauna all in the one session! It's a great Detox. Your head stays out of the capsule with relaxation music, aromatherapy and a cooling fan keeping you cool allowing you to remain in the capsule longer than a traditional sauna. The real kicker "a 45 minute session is the equivalent to a 4 km run"All without taxing the body. Relax your way to Health and Fitness! A single session is $60. A three session package $90 Great Value! Now available our Weightloss/Detox Package $60 per week (3months) includes 3 Vibrosaun sessions a week plus Full Studio access!!
Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapy By Sharon Stewart specializes in Sports Injuries. Back, Neck, Shoulder, Sciatic Pain and Disabilities. Sharon can treat your Small Animals and Horses too. Bowen Therapy by Sharon Stewart consulting at My Health Haven and after hours by arrangement. To Book your session Phone 0403 425 351