Utilizing Floatation Therapy.

You just lie back in pool of warm water...and Float!
What Is Floatation

How it Works,                                             

Beginning your float you enter a peaceful, private cocoon called a "Float Tank" and lie back on the water in which 350 kilos of Epsom Salt have been dissolved. The water is more dense than the Dead Sea so you are Guaranteed to float! During the first 10-15 minutes as your body normalises to it's surroundings, beautiful relaxation music helps you unwind. As the water temperature  is kept at 34.5 degrees (skin resting temperature) it may feel warm at first but soon becomes imperceptible even the line between air and water becomes blurred. When you choose to turn out the light, your eyes can rest in a comfortable darkness with no outside "noise". You experience a feeling of total "Weightlessness". 

Without the need to process changing stimuli, staying upright, navigate traffic, answer the phone even hold a conversation (except with yourself) that part of your brain usually consumed with these tasks is able to rest allowing your creative side to open up unleashing your Artistic,Passionate,Problem solving,Explorative Brain and in doing so releases Endorphins the body's own "Happy Drug". A standard float lasts 60 minutes at which time the gentle music returns signalling your return from this "Blissful" state.

Emerging from a Float is an experience in itself. Senses are sharpened, the mind refreshed and the world may appear more vibrant. The feeling often described as one of Peace, Relaxation, Happiness and Calm Alertness. The effects of Floating can last from hours to days afterwards. With regular Floating the effects are cumulative and have the potential to last much longer.